The Beginnings of Energy Medicine

The Western medical system in  the form of medications and surgery has been excellent in correcting organic or structural problems, such as broken bones or infections.  However with our rise in chronic conditions, this same strategy has been adapted to try to correct functional problems, though with mixed results.  With functional problems the organs are intact, but for some reason, just does not seem to function correctly. More recently there has been interest in the effects of low energy electromagnetic fields creating biologic effects and particularly any effects to help with healing diseases.  Dr. Oz brought attention to energy medicine on one of his shows in 2011 focusing on severe back pain.  Much of this energy medicine technology came to us today by the way of Eastern Europe.  But the biological, chemical, and physical mechanisms on how these devices work has remained elusive, although many theories exist.

Energy medicine and healing has had a long history with human, when there was not much else available to address illness.  Many are familiar with prayer, laying of hands, or even Reiki healing.  These techniques rely on one person using his own energy, or energy from an ethereal source, and then channeling it to the person in need of healing.  However in later times, other techniques used devices such as permanent magnets, acupuncture needles, or even electric eels to deliver energy with healing effects! It wasn’t until the turn of 1900’s that the advent of describing electrical currents in the human body began.  The pioneering physician was Dr. Albert Abrams, who was a professor at Cooper Medical College, which eventually became Stanford University School of Medicine in Palo Alto, CA.

Over the course of decades Dr. Abrams discovered that each organ of the body produced various electrical frequencies, or vibrations.  In fact each organ only responded to a specific frequency. Moreover different disease states also created different frequencies which affected the organs’ native frequencies.  But if certain chemicals or drugs were tested with the disease, then sometimes the normal reaction would return.  It was found that those drugs would be effective for that patient in treating his or her illness.  Then finally he discovered that instead of the drug he could reproduce the drug’s frequency using a device.  And this too would also render an effective treatment.  These new devices were the beginnings of energy medicine.  With this knowledge he taught classes to physicians and leased his devices nationally and internationally.  And over the next several decades, many of such and more refined devices appeared; and this was the beginning of energy medicine.

Old Paradigm – New Technology – New Biology Shift

Study of this new type of energy medicine continued through the 1950’s.  Equipment was refined and different mechanisms were explored.  Interestingly in the US and USSR with competing space programs during the ‘60’s and ‘70’s, there were difficulties with long space missions and the toll taken on the astronauts’ health.  Both programs found that these pulsed magnetic fields were able to maintain physical health while on long space missions.   But because the actual physical and biochemical mechanisms remained unclear, energy medicine eventually fell out of favor in the United States to pharmaceuticals and surgery, only to be resurrected more recently. In terms of the physical mechanism of how these fields affect biology and health many theories have been proposed.

The major theme in all of these theories is that of “sympathetic resonance.”  This is referring to the physics principle regarding the experiment with the use of two tuning forks with the same frequency.  When one tuning fork is struck to making a note, it can be brought close to, but not touching, the other fork; and that fork will also begin vibrating its note as well.  This is the same idea of the opera singer shattering a glass with his or her voice.  So essentially creating a vibration of one frequency can create a vibration somewhere else in the human body depending on the frequency being used.  Different body systems respond to different frequencies.

In terms of why these different systems respond with certain actions, many proposals were made.  One is the effect of stimulating an organ’s nerve loop.  All organs and their blood vessels are connected with nerves back to the spinal cord.  The majority of nerves in the body are part of the autonomic or involuntary nervous system.  The nerve fibers that come down from the spinal cord and nerves that return form a nerve loop.  As these nerves can move a signal at a certain speed, then when continuously stimulated, a standing wave can resonate and sustain, thus stimulating an organ.  As each organ’s nerve loop is of different lengths, each can be stimulated at different frequencies.

Another theory is that each cell and each cell structure, being round, are also effectively circular loops.  Cells and structures inside the cell may also be stimulated at different frequencies creating different effects.  Also by extension, a cell functions through multiple biochemical processes and feedback control loops.  In a single chemical process, there may be dozens of “ingredients” involved.  For any complex reaction and the required energy to make a reaction occur, these may occur at a certain speed.  So in theory, a particular frequency may resonate within a reaction loop and push it forward, where it may have otherwise stalled despite having the proper chemicals in place.

In terms of effects, what has been reported is that these magnetic fields increase the cells’ production of energy and increases the voltage gradient inside the cell.  This, in turn, increases the cell maintenance activities such as processing nutrients, removing wastes, and stimulating cell repair.  From these types of energy medicine therapies people have reported improvement in energy, improvement in sleep, and of course improvement in pain. Needless to say, having the proper chemicals in place is in the realm of proper nutrition. Check out our offerings here!

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