James S. Lee, M.D.

 Dr. Lee graduated medical school from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and completed internal medicine residency at Wake Forest University/Bowman Gray School of Medicine. He then attended University of Texas Health Science Center in San Antonio for cardiology. Since moving to Cullman, he has stayed in private practice since 1998. He owns and operates HeartCare, P.C. He is also the Medical Director for Professional Weight Loss and Rebalancing Center.

Although his first interest is in cardiovascular diseases, he recently has taken concern with chronic diseases and chronic inflammation and its impact on the health of the community. As a result he has taken an additional commitment to address this new challenge which has affected the area. He feels that public education of proper health and nutrition is the most fundamental step to address.

Although he and his staff are active in practicing traditional allopathic medicine, the goals of the Professional Weight Loss and Rebalancing Center revolve around studying and understanding the root causes of inflammation, education on the role of proper nutrition, and then addressing the causes using a variety of traditional and historical, yet nonconventional, solutions.

As modern healthcare reform has placed a greater cost burden to the public, the public, in turn, has begun to demand more value for the money it spends – for price, effectiveness, and professionalism. We plan to deliver in all areas.

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