How We Started:

Dr. Lee has been in private practice cardiology for 20 years. However there was a patient named Cindy*, who had developed a very severe type of congestive heart failure when they met many years ago. Symptoms were very severe in which there was difficulty doing very simple activities which most take for granted, such as walking through the house or even bathing and dressing. Such activities would require her to stop and rest many times. Below is an echocardiogram heart test revealing how sick her heart had become.

She received the standard care for this disease and despite treatment over several years, her symptoms and her heart function remained the same. She then left the area to live with a relative and together they embarked on a dietary therapy plan. She returned a year and a half later and had a repeat echo heart exam as shown below.

At that point she no longer had symptoms and her activities were as normal as they were as before she fell ill. She was so kind enough to share with me what she did, which directed my study in a new direction, which we are happy to share with you.

Since then we have treated quite a few patients with congestive heart failure and have noted similar results. Besides improvements in heart function, there were improvements in energy, fibromyalgias, arthritis, digestive issues, and many more…