Pulsed Magnetic Field Therapy

You’re doing all of the right things. But you find that you need that extra little push. Pulsed magnetic field therapy may be that little extra to get the body to start moving.
The Rebalancing Center would like to introduce QRS which brings a new direction in complementary medical therapy using pulsed magnetic fields. The usage of magnetic and electrical fields is not a new science; it’s actually very old. It’s the delivery of this therapy using modern technology is what’s new. The device we use can generate a magnetic field between 0.5 to 40 micro-tesla. For comparison the Earth’s magnetic field on the planet surface ranges from 30 micro-tesla at the equator to 65 micro-tesla near the poles. Modern MRI scanners can generate over 1 Tesla (1 million micro-tesla) of magnetic force.

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Pulsed magnetic field technology has been extensively researched around the world and is found to enhance cellular function, increase oxygen utilization, decrease pain, and promote tissue healing. It can improve the way your body utilizes nutrients, thus improving organ function. It also helps clear the electro-smog that our bodies have been exposed to throughout the day in our modern world.* A minimum of 8 minutes is all that’s required to feel charged for the day. While being treated users feel nothing other than a calming or relaxing sensation. Some may experience a slight tingling or floatiness.
This is not intended for those who have a seizure disorder, electronic pacemakers, pregnancy, or an acute injury.

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*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are for informational purposes only.

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